The Trust’s programs were designed with one primary goal: the health of Colorado’s firefighters. Our programs allow members to ensure that their firefighters are ready for duty and service to their community.

Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant

The Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant (FHFG) provides funding to member fire departments for the purpose of providing heart health screening to their covered firefighters. This will allow those with heightened risk factors for qualifying heart issues to better manage their own cardiac health.

The Trust allocates $50 per enrolled firefighter to each member annually. These funds can be used to provide CORE assessments to any firefighter enrolled in the Trust. This allows those with heightened cardiac risk to better manage their own health.

Prior Heart Incident Grant

The Prior Heart Incident Grant (PHIG) program allows covered firefighters who have previously had a qualifying cardiac incident to receive special levels of health management services and testing to help identify continued risk.

Every eligible firefighter can receive up to an initial $750 toward Colorado State University’s Heart Disease Prevention Program.