Heart Program

The sole option for the cardiac health of your firefighters.

In 2014, Governor Hickenlooper signed a bill that created CRS 29-5-302, which requires that fire agencies provide firefighters with coverage for heart and circulatory malfunctions. The Colorado Firefighter Benefits Trust’s Heart Program enables Colorado’s fire departments to meet this requirement and safeguard their firefighters from the human and financial burdens created by cardiac incidents.


  • The Trust is the only program that goes beyond the requirements of CRS 29-5-302
  • We provide financial certainty to thousands of the state’s fire service professionals
  • State funding in partnership with DOLA allows the Trust to provide this coverage at no cost to members
  • Our coverage offsets out of pocket costs during a health crisis
  • Trust benefits kick in before vacation or sick time are used
  • We use a broad definition of stressful or strenuous work event that is more inclusive of a firefighter’s activities
  • We process payments within ten days of receipt of all completed required forms
  • Benefit levels are based on diagnosis, with 100% of the eligible award granted at diagnosis with additional biweekly payments (less offsets)
  • Liability defense provision helps with challenges based on differing interpretations of the law
  • We pay out the limit less offsets, while competitors cease payments upon return to work
  • Coverage for volunteer and part-time firefighters is also available*
* Coverage for volunteers and part-time firefighters is not required by state law and not reimbursable through DOLA


In order for an employee to qualify for benefits, the following conditions must be met:
  • The employee must be listed on the roster submitted to the Trust
  • The department must have paid its coverage contribution
  • The employee must have five (5) or more years of continuous fire service with any employer(s) in any of these roles:
    • Firefighters (including career, part-time, and volunteers)
    • Chiefs, captains, and training staff
    • Support staff (administration, outreach personnel, mechanics, etc.)
Restrictions and details apply. Contact us for additional information.


The financial, physical, and mental stresses brought on by a cardiac incident can be tremendous. These issues can compound one another, and make things significantly worse. The Trust’s Heart Program alleviates some of the financial strains on a firefighter’s family during that time. Depending on the severity, this can mean payments of thousands of dollars over a predetermined period for qualifying job-related cardiac incidents. The benefits don’t stop there. We offer additional coverage to help pay for heart screenings not covered by health insurance. Discovering heart conditions before they become an issue is more valuable than the coverage itself.


Employee type Is coverage required? Annual Cost State reimbursement available?
Full-time firefighter (see definition) Yes $180/person Yes
Part-time firefighter (see definition) No $129/person No
Volunteer firefighter No $129/person No

Firefighter defined as: An active employee of an employer who regularly works and whose duties are directly involved with the provision of fire protection services and who is not a volunteer firefighter.

If your department is interested in obtaining coverage, click here to request a quote.


Coverage Year Total Incurred Claims Count
2015-2016 $81,549 12
2016-2017 $31,931 4
2017-2018 $130,002 11
2018-2019 $68,768 6
2019-2020 $136,179 11
2020-2021 $257,745 15
2021-2022 $302,737 16
2022-2023 $301,129 7


$ Band Number of Claims
< $4,000 23
$4,000 – $10,000 36
$10,000 – $50,000 17
$50,000 – $250,000 8
> $250,000 1