Prior Heart Incident Grant

Firefighters with prior heart incidents such as heart attacks or strokes  (excluding hypertension or angina), regardless of when they occurred, are eligible to enroll in Colorado State University’s firefighter Heart Disease Prevention Program. The Colorado Firefighter Trust (CFT) will reimburse up to $750 of the costs associated with enrollment and associated travel expenses and will pay up to $250 annually for follow-up visits.

How do I substantiate a Prior Heart Incident to qualify?

Eligible applicants can submit their completed Physician’s Statement acknowledging a prior heart incident other than hypertension or angina. If you have any questions or would like to seek pre-approval, please email the Trust Administrator.

Who can submit a Prior Heart Incident Assessment Grant reimbursement request?

CFHC Trust eligible firefighters can request reimbursement by filling out the appropriate form. If you don’t know if you are eligible, ask your fire department leadership. You will be listed on your departments roster for the Colorado Firefighter Trust.

What do I need to verify the requirements of the testing?

You will need to include a completed Testing Expense Reimbursement Form, along with a statement signed by a medical professional. Please bring the forms with you when you see the medical provider.

Do I need an approval from my department?

No. Approval for this grant lies with the Colorado Firefighter Trust. A Firefighter can determine their eligibility through their department, are you on the department roster for CFT coverage, or with the CFHC Trust directly. Information from the testing is not shared with the employer.

How to apply for reimbursement and how long does processing take?

In order to get reimbursement, the firefighter needs to submit a signed Testing Expense Reimbursement Form and Physician’s Statement. You may email the completed forms or mail them to:

Colorado Firefighter Heart, Cancer, and Behavioral Health Trust
c/o McGriff Insurance Services, LLC
PO Box 1539
Portland, OR 97201

We will send you a confirmation email after your submission is received and will contact you if we need any additional information. It can take one to two weeks to get the reimbursement check processed and signed, and then it will be mailed directly to the applicant firefighter.

Does this grant affect the balance of the department’s Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant?

No, this program is funded entirely separately in order to encourage firefighters with prior heart issues to have the best available information on their condition and receive firefighter-specific information on lifestyle counseling to make better decisions for the future.

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