Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant FAQ

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Q: What is the purpose of the Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant?

A: The grant was established to help departments obtain basic heart health testing for all firefighters enrolled in the CFHC Trust program and to ensure statutory eligibility if heart incident occurs. The program is intended as a loss prevention measure to promote heart health issues to firefighters.

Q: How is the Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant funding allocated?

A: The Trust allocates $50 per enrolled firefighter to each member fire department. The total allocation will be available for use on any firefighter listed on the roster on file with the CFH Trust.  To check your current allocation balance, please email the Trust. Note that annual funding is subject to Trustees’ annual approval and that the program can be cancelled at any time with 30 days’ notice to members.

Q: When do allocated funds have to be spent? 

A: Unspent allocation funds may be accumulated for up to three years, after which they will expire and be forfeited back into the Trust’s general fund.

Q: Is any firefighter eligible for the grant?

A: All CFHC Trust enrolled firefighters, including part-time and volunteer firefighters, are eligible for grant allocations as long as they are eligible under the statute, have more than five years as applicable and are listed on the roster filed with the Trust. The applicant can apply for reimbursement up to the maximum Trust member allocation.

Q: Who can submit a Heart Fitness Grant reimbursement request?

A: Fire department management should request the reimbursement, and it must be approved by a department’s representative to the Trust and by the Trust administrator.

Q: What does a department need to verify the requirements of testing?

A: Your department will need to include a completed Heart Disease Screening Confirmation form signed by a medical professional. Please ensure your firefighter brings this form when seeing a medical provider.

Q: Who needs to provide approval at the department?

A: The CFH Trust Representative or Alternate Representative must provide approval via email. We will reach out to the department representatives to confirm after the request has been received.

Q: What if I have more than one applicant?

A: You may include multiple participants on each application submitted. It is important to note that we still require one Heart Disease Screening Confirmation form for each firefighter on your application for reimbursement. If you have trouble uploading multiple documents, please email them to the Trust.

Q: How long does processing take?

A: Our system will automatically send you a confirmation email after your online submission has been received. We will contact the department if additional information is required. It usually takes one to two weeks to get the reimbursement check processed and signed, and then it will be mailed directly to the fire department.

Q: Can you make the process easier for us?

A: Please let us know of the issues you encounter in either understanding the process or in submitting your information. We are receptive to making changes to facilitate smoother transactions.