Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant

The Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant is designed to provide reimbursement to CFHC Trust Members for CSU’s CORE program or a similar basic level of heart health testing. This basic level is set as a minimum for those departments which have not adopted NFPA 1582 fitness for duty standards.

The CFH Trust has worked with Colorado State University to develop the portable Cardiovascular One Risk Evaluation (CORE) Program which will provide this basic cardiovascular risk screening at your location for just $50 plus actual travel expenses incurred.

This will also help establish eligibility under the Firefighter Heart and Circulatory Malfunction Benefits Act (CRS Part 3 of Article 5, Title 29), which requires that both volunteer and career firefighters receive a heart screening medical exam after being hired but prior to a covered incident occurring in order to be eligible for benefits.

Click here for an Overview of the Testing Guidelines and References


The Trust allocates grant money to each member based on the number of enrolled participants. The total allocation for each department will be available for use on any enrolled firefighter listed on their roster as filed with the Trust Administrator.


We will send you a confirmation email after your application has been received and will contact the department if additional information is required. If you have more questions please review the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Firefighter Heart Fitness Grant