NEW Two-Day Organizational Strategic Decision Making Seminar


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NEW Two-Day Organizational Strategic Decision Making Seminar

Who Is Responsible for Organizational Strategic Decision Making?

What if there was a way we could show you how to effectively involve your board or city council, risk manager, and supervisors to solve every critical issue within your organization? We’re here to inform you that there is a way, and that is Organizational Strategic Decision Making (OSDM). It’s the reason why financial auditors internationally have determined that an organization’s long-term health can be improved through OSDM, which is the foundation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Boards and management have a fiduciary responsibility to implement this process as it is the accepted standard of prudence within the US and internationally as ISO 31000 standards. Have you addressed the following critical issues in your organization?
  • How to achieve organizational objectives
  • Business continuation plan for key personnel
  • Plan for predictable catastrophic incidents
  • Transition from compliance based safety to building a positive safety culture
  • Every financial audit requires a statement on ERM within your organization
Have you taken into account the following considerations?
  • Proactive management of organizational risk
  • Preparation process for the next generation of leaders
  • This is an international management standard ISO 31000 that is not going away
By institutionalizing ERM, which is scalable to any organization size, you will empower everyone in your organization to identify potential problems. So How Does ERM Work? Let’s say an entity has a long term Risk Manager who understands the risks of the organization, has relations with vendors across a wide spectrum and is able to handle any crisis or disaster imaginable. As a professional they pride themselves in having all the answers. But, what happens when they retire or become unavailable? Following the ERM process, they would bring in subject matter experts from every department within the entity and as a group define every risk issue within the organization. With a risk register in hand the group would assess the frequency and severity of each risk. The Risk Manager would then delegate the risks to the subject matter experts within the various departments and each would be responsible for defining resolutions to every risk issue thereby disseminating knowledge throughout the organization as opposed to consolidating it in one person. The Risk Manager then becomes a manager of the process as opposed to doing it all themselves. ERM is a teamwork approach with a continuous improvement process cultivating an environment of sharing knowledge throughout an organization. How do you learn more about ERM?
  1. Free 40-minute Mission Critical ERM Principles webinar streaming available anytime @
  2. the CSD Pool is working with Colorado risk management organizations to host a 2-day Workshop on how to implement ERM.
This 2-day Workshop will be presented by PRIMA’s ERM national training faculty and Dorothy Gjerdrum on February 13 and 14 and will be held in Centennial at South Metro Fire. The cost is $600 for Trust members; however, for Trust members who are also CSD Pool members, the cost is $50. For more details about this event, email [email protected]. You can register here. If you are a Trust member or a Trust member with Pool membership, please contact us here for your promotion code to receive the special admission pricing.