Grant Funds Expiration Date Postponed

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Grant Funds Expiration Date Postponed

Like many of you, we have been monitoring the rapidly developing issues surrounding COVID-19. The Trust is committed to doing the best to help your department. We are working to build flexibility into our programs to help you cope with this crisis. As you know, the Firefighter Heart and Fitness Grant funds that remain unused […]

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What Happens to Our Firefighters

Here’s a hypothetical story. A firefighter has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He has been in the fire service for over twenty years, and after receiving that terrible news, seeks workers’ compensation benefits to help cover the mounting costs of his medication, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. What the firefighter and his family don’t realize is […]

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Collaboration Solves Broken Rebuttable Presumption Law for Colorado Firefighters

How do you know when the Workers’ Compensation firefighters’ presumption is broken? Journalists discuss individual WC cancer cases on TV, in print, and online It takes more than a year—or even two years—before a decision is made whether to accept or deny a claim Firefighters pass away before being awarded benefits Cancer cases go before […]

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Cancer: “On-the-Job” Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Discussion of provisions SB17-214 subsection 13 regarding treatment as on the job illness or injury There is definitely confusion surrounding this issue so we will clarify our understanding. The issue seems to come up when the phrase “ON-THE-JOB INJURY OR ILLNESS” is taken only in reference to one sentence and outside the context of the […]

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Revised Combined Heart and Cancer Trust Agreement

Since the passing of the Voluntary Cancer Award Program bill earlier this May, the CFH Trust is proud to present the new Revised Combined Heart and Cancer Trust Agreement, which includes the Resolution as well as a checklist for your convenience. Please note that this is prerequisite paperwork to join the heart and/or cancer program, […]